Improve the quality of life for your animals naturally.

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I am a Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) Practitioner as well as a former Coordinator for HTA.  Therapeutic treatment sessions work with the animal's energy or electromagnetic field and chakras (energy centers) to support physical and emotional wellness and healing.   Sessions may include energy medicine therapies, therapeutic grade essential oils, tuning forks (sound/vibration therapy) and intuitive communication.


Your animal will benefit from a healing session in the comfort of your home or barn through distance sessions.  Healing Touch treatments include hands gently on or near the body to facilitate and open and balance energy field for the animal.

Healing supports pets who are experiencing issues & promotes overall wellness:
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  • Anxiety

  • Behavior

  • Aging pets

  • Arthritis & mobility

  • Illness or injury

  • Pain

  • Past trauma

  • End of life


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