Happy, healthy & well-behaved pets through energy healing & animal communication

Distance appointments | $90

In these sessions, we will:

  • Gather information from your animal and their energy system

  • Identify needs and underlying issues

  • Create and implement a plan to support them in their best life

I cannot thank Blair enough for the wonderful work she is doing for Luna. I do not only see a tremendous change every time Luna has a session, but I also feel her healing love. It is just what Luna and I needed! 

~ Luzma G.

Let’s work together to…


Find the WHY in your animal’s behavior

Provide comfort and support for your loyal animals

Listen to what your pet needs and wants to tell you


As I work with more and more animals, I see how people who tried everything are finally able to gain understanding and help their animals as we work together.

 Animals who are in shelters get adopted.  I see the peace in both people and animals when an animal feel better, or is able to express their wishes towards end of life.  The bond that grows between a human and the animals in their life out of these experiences is incredible.

I feel so blessed to have found Blair. Our rescue dog had experienced trauma before he came to us and was showing aggressive behavior. We first worked with a dog trainer, then a dog behaviorist. Both taught us a lot, but were not able to resolve the issue due to the underlaying trauma. The sessions with Blair are amazing.

I know it can be hard to trust someone you have never met in person, and I understand that for a lot of us, it may be hard to commit to energy work done remotely and not in person. I can tell you from my own experience that Blair is a 100% trustworthy, she has the kindest heart and will do everything in her power to help your pet. Please give your pet the gift of healing, they will be so grateful!  ~ Claudia N.


I found Healing Touch for Animals when looking for a holistic way to support my heart dog, Bear’s, health during his senior years.  Being able to help him thrive, and later to ease his pain and to support him through his transition was an incredible gift to both him and me. I’d do anything for this amazing creature who showed me unconditional love, and I knew I wanted to share this gift of hope and peace with as many animals and their people as possible. 

~ Blair

Through energy healing & animal communication, you can…

  • Gain insight into your animal’s behavior

  • Help your animal with physical and emotional healing

  • Strengthen the bond between you and your animal

  • Bring more joy and peace into your life knowing you are able to help your beloved animal

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Do you want the animals in your life to be happier, healthier and well behaved?

Do you love your animal and don’t know how to help them? Maybe you’ve tried other methods but know there is still something missing, or you prefer a holistic approach to your pet’s challenges?

You and your pet don’t have to keep feeling stressed. 

You don’t have to keep wondering what is wrong or how you can help.

I have a rescue pup with a pretty traumatic past and Blair is helping me connect with him and help combat his fears in a way that all the trainers I’ve tried never could. I’m grateful to her and appreciate the trust she’s helping build between me and Java. ~ Krystle S.